Ballenesque, Roger Ballen: A Retrospective (2017)

With over 300 photographs, Ballenesque provides not only an entirely new way of seeing Ballen’s work, but also a comprehensive introduction for those encountering his photographs for the first time.

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The Theatre of Apparitions

The Theatre of Apparitions (2016)

A ground-breaking monograph from Roger Ballen, it’s both a departure from his existing oeuvre and the culmination of his unique aesthetic, linking image-making and theatrical performance.

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Asylum of the Birds

Asylum of the Birds (2014)

Roger Ballen’s masterful new monograph showcases photographs taken entirely within the confines of a house in a Johannesburg suburb, the location of which remains a tightly guarded secret.

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Roger Ballen and Die Antwoord: I Fink U Freeky series

I Fink U Freeky (2013)

Art photography meets popular culture in this behind-the-scenes look at the making of a hugely successful music video by musicians Die Antwoord and photographer Roger Ballen.

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Animal Abstraction series

Animal Abstraction (2011)

Enigmatic, beautiful and often disturbing, these black-and-white photographs are staged in desolate interiors where humans interact with animals to create mysterious tableaux.

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Boarding House series

Boarding House (2009)

Boarding House is a journey of discovery in which we leave our ordinary selves behind and confront a primitive part of the human condition and its psyche, occupying its own universe.

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Shadow Chamber series

Shadow Chamber (2005)

Exploring the underbelly of existence, Roger Ballen’s striking, ambiguous images of people, animals and objects posed in mysterious, cell-like rooms occupy the grey area between fact and fiction.

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Outland (2001)

Outland is the culmination of almost twenty years work for artist-photographer Roger Ballen and amounts to one of the most extraordinary photographic documents of the late twentieth century.

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Platteland series

Platteland (1994)

For almost two decades, Roger Ballen photographed subjects in the South African countryside, searching for aesthetic symbols to convey a sense of the place and the people.

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Dorps series

Dorps (1986)

The images in Dorps: Small Towns of South Africa define a body of work which is surely one of the purest and strongest aesthetic statements ever made in South African photography.

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Boyhood series

Boyhood (1979)

Each stunning photograph (culled from 15,000 boy photos shot during Ballen’s four-year quest) depicts the magic of boys revealed in their games, their adventures, their dreams, their mischief.

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