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Roger Ballen Photography

Image Gallery

Shadow Chamber

Twirling Wires, 2001Skew Mask, 2001
Boxed Rabbit, 2002Animal Abstraction, 2002
Room of the Ninja Turtles, 2003Broken Bag, 2003
Chamber of the Enigma, 2003Judgement Day, 2003
Oblivious, 2003Head Inside Shirt, 2001
Cat in Box, 2002Configuration, 2003
Prowling, 2001Roar, 2002
Puppies in Fishtanks, 2000Lunchtime, 2001
Ape Skull, 2002Recluse, 2002
Funeral Rites, 2004Ambivalence, 2003
Rejection, 2003Cut Rose, 2004
Hanging Pig, 2001One Arm Goose, 2004