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Roger Ballen Photography

Image Gallery


Johan and Bertie, Brothers, Western Transvaal, 1987Prison Warder and Wife, Southern Transvaal, 1986
Woman and Dogs, Orange Free State, 1994Dresie and Casie, Twins, Western Transvaal, 1993
Mrs P R Streicher, Eastern Transvaal, 1993Man Shaving on Verandah, Western Transvaal, 1986
Prospectors Inside House, Western Transvaal, 1987Sergeant F de Bruin, Department of Prisons Employee, Orange Free State, 1992
Pensioner with Dog, Orange Free State, 1991Wife and Daughter of Ostrich Farmer, Eastern Cape, 1990
Wife of Abattoir Worker Holding Three Puppies, Orange Free State, 1994Diamond Digger and Son Standing on Bed, Western Transvaal, 1987
Teenager with Glass Eye, Western Transvaal, 1994Children from Countryside in City Home, Central Transvaal, 1987
Wessie du Plessis, Delivery Boy, Holding White Kitten, Eastern Cape, 1994Mrs J J Joubert and Dog, Dinky, in Bedroom, Central Cape, 1990
Scrapyard Worker and Family, Central Transvaal, 1993Man and Maid, Northern Cape, 1991
Boy with Guns, Western Transvaal, 1993Boetie Nel, Grape Farmer, Northern Cape, 1990