Asylum of the Birds

Asylum of the Birds

Roger Ballen’s masterful new monograph showcases photographs taken entirely within the confines of a house in a Johannesburg suburb, the location of which remains a tightly guarded secret. To read more about the book and view some of its photographs, see the Asylum of the Birds page.

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To watch the film, visit www.asylumofthebirds.com.

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Asylum of the Birds

Galerie Karsten Greve
Paris, France
8 Nov 2014 to 10 Jan 2015

Rome, Italy
27 Sep 2014 to 11 Jan 2015

Theater der Absurdität

Museum Villa Stuck
Munich, Germany
15 Nov 2014 to 8 Feb 2015


Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin, Edition 46, Artist of the Year, to be published on 14 November 2014.


I have been shooting black and white film for nearly fifty years now. I believe I am part of the last generation that will grow up with this media. Black and White is a very minimalist art form and unlike color photographs does not pretend to mimic the world in a manner similar to the way the human eye might perceive. Black and White is essentially an abstract way to interpret and transform what one might refer to as reality.

My purpose in taking photographs over the past forty years has ultimately been about defining myself. It has been fundamentally a psychological and existential journey.

If an artist is one who spends his life trying to define his being, I guess I would have to call myself an artist.

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